Nr42. Im Jana Brzechwy w Czestochowie

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Our primary school is a very friendly place to learn and teach. There are 400+ students in our school – 19 classes with students’ ages between 5 and 15 and 50 teachers; all of whom are specialists in their fields. Our school celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016 and during the 54 years of existence the school has built a very good reputation in our city. It is one of the leading primary schools in Częstochowa.

This partnership is very important for our school because it strengthens the cultural interaction between countries and also gives the chance for students to speak and write real English for a purpose, which will greatly benefit employment opportunities in the future. It also makes the students more aware of their own culture, traditions and will bring us closer to our communities.

Being part of this project helps us to broaden our pupils’ knowledge of new cultures, traditions and the lives of the European partners. It encourages students to learn foreign languages and to use their artistic and linguistic abilities to present our communities. It is vital to show them the importance of education and the meaning of being well educated in our united Europe. Additionally, our school has been writing a chronicle of the events that have happened here since its opening. T